Grow with Yoga!

Learn about the benefits yoga can provide along with how to start


Urvi Patil, Staff Reporter

Many people have a different approach to yoga. For example, many consider it a way of managing stress. Others consider it a spiritual practice. No matter one’s approach, yoga can improve many conditions with one’s well-being and there are many ways that it can benefit one’s mindset. 

Chief data scientist Imed Bouchrika states that 75 percent of U.S high school students feel stress during school. Stress in general can have many contributing factors that can lead to negative outcomes in the long term. There are many ways that yoga can be beneficial to managing stress. 

Osteopathic family physician and certified Kundalini yoga instructor Natalie Nevins mentions that yoga is an excellent way for the body to heal and is a great way to stay healthy. The meditation incorporated with yoga can improve one’s state of being too. As mentioned previously, one benefit of yoga is how it manages stress. From its negative effects, stress can show itself in many ways, such as neck, back pain, and sleeping problems. “Yoga can be very effective in developing coping skills and reaching a more positive outlook on life” says Dr. Nevins.

Yoga can be beneficial for people with chronic illness. While Social surroundings and mental health play a huge role in this, yoga is helpful because it provides the combination of meditation, breathing, and physical posture that can be helpful for better control of the mind. With there being many types of yoga, each one provides its own benefits, meaning that some types can work better for people with chronic illness than others. It can also provide more comfort by reducing body inflammation. 

To get started, make sure to wear comfortable clothing and start with gentle practices to build up strength. Many people typically use yoga mats but a carpet could be a good alternative. One should take their own time in finding what works. Try finding what practices work so it will not be strenuous. Many instructors recommend learning the basic postures and incorporating them in sequences while adding more techniques. With yoga sessions being expensive, there are many instructors who have videos online with a variety of sequences. The amount of time to do yoga is completely up to the person and will also be beneficial regardless of the time.