Troy High School Store

Get more informed on what the school store has to offer.


Alex Kostreba

Troy High School apparel on display in the school store.

Alex Kostreba, Staff Reporter

Want some nice Troy High School apparel? Or you’re craving some tasty snacks that you can’t get from lunch? Come by the Troy High School Store, now located to the right of the library entrance, in room 263!

Widely known for their cookies, the Troy High School store has much more to offer. Elaina Wolburg, school store organizer, explains, “I think people just focus on our cookies, they don’t necessarily come in for anything else, but we do have a lot of spirit wear items, not just sweatshirts and hoodies, we also have mugs and tumblers, glasses, notebooks and tote bags, etc.”

Wolburg expands on what Bredienich shared: “You can get two cookies for one dollar, our snacks usually are a dollar for a bag of chips, or a bag of m&ms, or something along those lines, and our drinks are anywhere from a dollar to two dollars.”

 Senior Erin Breidenich, school store employee, shares one of her favorite items from the store, “The Arizona’s are probably the most underrated, because you can get a lot for a low value and they are really really yummy.”

In terms of spirit wear, Wolburg shares: “Our apparel ranges anywhere from about $10-15 for tee-shirts, our hoodies are usually anywhere from $30-45.”

Need something cozy for the wintertime? Wolburg also dishes on all the wintertime essentials that the school store has: “We have lots of crewnecks and hoodies, and we have some windbreakers,” she said, adding, “We also have sweatpants, cozy flannel pajama pants, we’ve got some great options for your winter needs.”

Also for the wintertime, the store is having a Holiday Shopping Extravaganza for parents to come in during mid-December to shop for their students. If there is anything a student likes, they can tell their parents what they would like, and it would be a great gift for the holiday season.

When asked about the recent room change, Wolburg explains that they switched rooms because the engineering lab needed to be expanded, so that took the room that had previously been the school store for many years. The school store then moved into what was Wolburg’s classroom, which was formerly the teachers lounge. Wolburg shares how this change affected the store: “There’s a lot of windows; we actually increased the space we had. As overall space, I think it was actually an upgrade.”

In regards to the cookie line’s efficiency changing due to the new location, Wolburg shares: “We are really trying to get the word out that we are not doing that line situation that we had before.” To help shorten the amount of time people wait in line for, they have recently increased the number of ovens they have to make productivity much faster. 

Students who want to get more involved with the school store have to be seniors who have taken marketing 1 as a course. “I will say a lot of spots get taken up by DECA [Distributive Education Clubs of America] members because DECA students because they have a marketing class every single year as they work throughout high school career”, says Wolburg,  also adding “I try to keep it so that it’s not just all DECA students in there so that we get a wide range of students in the store. If the student takes marketing one and continues to take other marketing courses, and I get to know them well, they are definitely somebody that I would consider having as an employee in the store.” 

When asked about what type of life skills students can learn from being part of the staff in the store, Wolburg shares: “I think since it’s a math related course for seniors, you’re learning all about running a retail operation. They are learning how to place orders, how to take inventory, how to build customers, how to make deposits, learning how to look at profit and losses, and do everything that’s related to running a retail operation.”
Overall, the school store wants students to know that they are always open for feedback. If there is something people see that’s not going right, or if there is a product students wish was sold at the store, they are open to suggestions. Students can just seek out Wolburg or other staff members to add to the list of things to carry. 

To know more about the school store’s schedule and information, visit their Instagram @thscoltscorner, where they post many consistent updates.