Iced Out Fashion

Some of the drippiest kids in school.

Lilly Martin, Staff Reporter

Winter season is here and many students around the Troy School District are showing off their coziest looks yet. On Friday Nov. 11, I went on a little stroll around Troy High School, seeking out what styles were most common amongst students. Whether it was comfortable or more of a stylish look. Would Troy students rather have comfy or formal clothing? Throughout this cold weather I can definitely say I know what kind of styles will be brought into Troy High Schools, based on two polls I conducted on Instagram. The first one was, “What is the style you prefer?” with the popular choice being “Comfy,” and the next question was, “Where do you like to shop the most?” with the choices being the thrift store or the mall. Leading the popular vote being the mall.

When surveying the students of Troy High School, the majority had voted for dressing in a comfortable fashion over the more casual one. Interviewee sophomore Lauren McClure speaks on how she feels the most comfortable in her more formal outfits, which she’s informed me on being the best way to express herself, especially during frigid weather.

McClure expressed her love for the winter season, stating that layering is her favorite. While she dislikes when the weather turns from cold to hot, due to it changing up what she would rather wear. “Summer fashion is my least favorite,” McClure said. How she isn’t as enthusiastic about fashion during the summer time. 

Where does McClure find her unique fashion sense? “My all time favorite is the thrift store,” she stated. In 2020 thrift stores became increasingly popular for teenagers, influencers on TikTok and Pinterest sparked the rise in second hand fashion. She shares a few inspirational places, such as her dad’s closet. “I take a lot of my dad’s clothes” in which McClure continued on. While the other store being Forever 21 in Somerset Collection.

While continuous Pinterest boards fill her screen, she uses them to decide what she will wear and where she will purchase them. She explained her last source of inspiration for her style was the show “Monster High,” and said that the memories of watching the show when she was younger, even to this day have filled her head with ideas, which led to her current fashion sense. Junior Conner Moya Felt that a more casual style was the way for him, though he had mentioned he wouldn’t mind wearing comfy clothing on his bad days. His ideal outfit is a more casual look: some nice jeans and a long sleeved shirt. 

“I don’t want to wear shorts, you can wear a shirt but it’s not most comfortable,” Moya added. The guy knows what he wants. 

Moya doesn’t seem to have a real preference on summer or winter, to him it’s either “stylish” or “you get a reason to wear Christmas pajamas”. You know, getting into that Christmas season.

Lastly, sophomore Abigail Warner was stoked to speak on her love for sleep and comfort. “Ideally I’d be wearing fuzzy pants, really big hoodies, fuzzy socks and my crocs.” Not meant to rhyme. She stresses how she doesn’t really have a real source of influence on her fashion, that she just does whatever and doesn’t really try anymore. Though she enjoys shopping in Somerset mall, scavenging for her favorite clothing stores, PacSun and Zumiez.