Modeling Success 

George Perakis’ accomplishments inside and outside of Troy High School. 

Senior George Perakis, throughout his high school career, has invested himself in a multitude of communities at Troy High School and outside of Troy High School. 

When asked what he’s been involved in at Troy High School, Perakis shared, “Currently, I’m involved with the Model UN team, and I’ve been doing that for the past four years and I’m president of that currently. I’ve also been involved with the TED-Ed club here, and I’ve given a few TED-Ed talks over the years. I’m also on the DECA team, where I’m an executive council member.” 

Perakis is especially known for his involvement in Model United Nations, where he has made a significant impact. When asked what effect Perakis has had on the community surrounding Model United Nations, Jacqueline Ciolek, Model United Nations’ advisor, responded, “He’s made it more approachable.” Ciolek continues, “I think George has modeled for his peers how you can be invested and committed to more than one club. Modeling that behavior, that you can be invested in more than one thing, and showing well-roundedness, I think, is what he’s done for our club while also setting the standards very high.”

Perakis’ involvement doesn’t stop at Troy High School; he is also incredibly involved in many other communities. Perakis currently leads and plans events for his Greek Orthodox Youth Association. He is also a member of the Superintendent Student Advisory board, where he assisted in planning the Martin Lurther King Jr. Day of Service. 

 Perakis has also made incredible individual accomplishments, including his participation in The Berlin Global Leadership Summit in Berlin, Germany in the summer of 2022. After being placed in 84 teams, participants were presented with entrepreneurship challenges. Perakis’ team placed first: “We got to present on stage to the judges, and our prototype for our product is currently in the Nobel Peace Prize Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.”

Whether it be in the classroom or Germany, Perakis strives to bolster community with innovative efforts. He plans to attend the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in the fall.