Jeffery Wu: From Classroom to Camera

A feature on senior Jeffery Wu, discussing his impact on film within Troy High School.

Senior Jeffery Wu has made a vast impact on the Troy High School film community. Wu was nominated for the Student Emmys nationally and had the opportunity to go to the All American High School Film Festival in New York. Additionally, Wu has worked with the Troy School District’s Creative Guild. The Creative Guild shares artistic work that is created by students.

When asked about his experience with the Creative Guild, Wu said, “The Creative Guild is very cool and it opened me to the creativity in our district. We create media for the district like photography and videography, podcasts, music and more.” 

During his four years at the school, Wu has made many contributions to expand his passion for film throughout the school, including the creation of Film Club. The club has fostered a tight community that creates relevant and engaging content. The club was created because Wu believed that although the morning announcements existed, it was not professional enough.

When asked about the Film Club’s purpose, Wu said, “Our main goal is to offer video services to other clubs at the school. Also, we do things like fundraisers, watch movies together and we make the senior video.” 

The Film Club has received eight awards from the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association, or MIPA, a notable success. Some awards include those for the film “Troy High Football Uniform Reveal” filmed by Wu, senior Anurag Komaragiri, sophomores Michael Zheng and Ana Sofia Hernandez Gomez. This film won a first-place award under the category “Commercial”. Additionally, Wu’s video “Troy High Homecoming Game & Parade 2022” won a MIPA award.

The Film Club is fundamental to many at the school, not just to the students within the club. One of the main components of the club is that it works to provide other clubs with film services. Wu has filmed for a plethora of clubs, including Robotics, Courtyard Club, HOSA and more. 

Wu has made his passion for film widespread by sharing many of his projects on social media. On his Instagram account, @jwufilms, he has over 100 posts pertaining to his art. Additionally, the Film Club’s official Instagram handle, @troyhighfilmclub, has over 200 followers and exceedingly versatile posts, ranging from sports content to elaborate acting pieces. Besides the “Troy High Football Uniform Reveal,” Wu has won various awards for other films. Wu’s narrative film “Indian Cowboy” was featured under the comedy section at the All American High School Film Festival in New York. Additionally, it received Excellence Awards at the 54th Michigan Student Film Festival by Digital Arts, Film and Television. Another one of Wu’s works, “The Loop”, was nominated for the section “Audio/Sound” at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Of all his works, Wu stated that the Film Club’s creation titled “The Objective” is his proudest work. “The Objective” premiered on May 20, 2022. It is an action film with very precise details that took months to get right. “The Objective” was a highly acclaimed film, winning a first-place award at the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association for the category “Short Film – Fiction.”

“Most of the work that goes into making a film is the preproduction. We had to choreograph every single fight, every punch. I think going through that logistical obstacle makes me proud of it.”

Next year, Wu will be attending Michigan State University, majoring in Computer Science. Although his major will not pertain to anything with film, he has stated that he will try his best to keep film in his life. Wu decided to major in Computer Science due to his interest in software and technology, an interest that correlates with his passion for film. 

“I’m specifically interested in filming for their football or basketball team. Through there, you can get a lot of connections because they are a big ten school.” Wu said.

All in all, Wu’s impact on the school will have a lasting effect for many years to come. The Film Club is well recognized all over the school and, despite Wu’s absence after this school year, the club will continue to prosper and inspire people with a passion for videography.