Punta CONa

Five american tourists have died at popular spring break destination for students.

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Since April, five American tourists have died and incidents such as poisoning and beatings have occurred at popular resorts. In January of this year a woman was closed to killed as she claims to be beaten and dragged by employee at The Majestic Elegance Punta Cana. This has hurt the hotel’s reputation, but will it discourage Troy students from going?


For Punta Cana: “Had these incidents happened before we paid our deposit to the travel agent yes I think it would’ve caused myself, my parents, my friends and other groups to think about it a little more, but in the overall grand scheme of things I don’t think we would’ve changed our decision had we known this before. Multiple groups have gone there in past years and have had great experiences and things like this can happen anywhere. Even within the U.S. like Michigan, Florida, California wherever people might think could be a safer option to go unfortunate events such as those in the Dominican Republic can still occur” Junior Isabella Giuffrida.

Against Punta Cana: “If I knew about deaths literally at the resorts that just reinforces my decision not to go there, I want to have fun on my senior trip but, I also don’t want to have to worry about that dangerous stuff. I didn’t know about the recent deaths at Punta, but I knew it was more of a dangerous place to go on break, especially being a woman. I’d rather feel safe on spring break than be at some shady place where everyone else is” Junior Abby Dangermond.