The Troy School District announces plan of reopening in a detailed email.

Vanisa Kumar, Business Editor

Since the transition to virtual learning in mid-March due to the coronavirus, for many students school hasn’t been the same. Now rise hybrid learning, a supposedly safe and inclusive system of learning that will, hopefully, not suppress those that choose to stay online but let those who want to go to school, go to school.  As written in an email on Monday, Sept. 14, , Kerry Birmingham, director of Communications & Strategic Initiatives, states the districts plan to reopen.

This information will simply allow us to know—in a broad sense—approximately how many students we will need to prepare for in-seat and how many students we will need to plan for remotely for the very beginning of our transition plan,” Birmingham said.

Although explicit dates have not yet been given, the district expresses the reasoning for the upcoming return plan.  

When we made the difficult decision to begin the school year in a 100% virtual model, the data trends on COVID-19 in our area had become significantly worse from June (when we first surveyed parents) through mid-August,” Birmingham said. “… In the last three weeks, the trend lines have declined or held steady and are within thresholds for managing community spread. The health department has created reporting methods and protocols for positive cases and helped us to address potential scenarios.” 

With all these changes to school and education many are unsure of what is to come.  More information will come in the near future.