Coach Profile

A glimpse into Troy High’s sportiest

Ria Gupta, Staff Reporter

With the winter sports season in full swing as the fall sports came to a close in early November, activities like boys swimming, girls’ basketball, and bowling have all begun. 

The Troy High Varsity Boys swim team, led by Coach Kyle Larson, has been practicing vigorously through Thanksgiving break and the upcoming winter holidays. Coach Larson has been coaching the boys team for three years, leading them to two consecutive victories at OAAs in 2019 and 2020.

 Larson swam back in college for Oakland University and attended Rochester Adams High School, where he also swam. He mainly swam and continues to swim backstroke. Larson credits his experience as a college-level swimmer for his knowledge as a coach:

“I know what it takes on the individual level to get to the college level as an athlete. But more importantly, I know and I’ve seen what kinds of things super successful teams do.”

He invites all Troy High students and families to come see the Troy v. Athens meet on January 27th, 2022 at 6:00pm. 

Taylor Richey is a well-rounded individual in Troy High’s world of sports, currently coaching the junior varsity girl’s basketball team. The team, similar to the swim team, practices through both winter break and finals. Even with the hardships of COVID-19 last year, Coach Richey is proud of the culture the team was able to create.

After the arrival of his kid, Richey decided to retire from his place as a football coach (2016 – 2018), a softball coach (2016 – 2018), and as a baseball coach. He has coached basketball for Troy High for seven years. Richey credits his high school coaches for giving himself a great sense of leadership that he continues to use in his later years and being his inspiration.

“When you’re a good coach, you get all your players to buy into the program. And you sacrifice for each other to make a really good team,” Coach Richey said, after detailing his own high school experience.

He still keeps up with his own basketball teammates from his high school years. 

Richey is a large believer in having equal contributions to the team, from the members themselves to the coaches.

Chemistry teacher Katie Robles, or “Row”-bles, grew up in Buffalo, New York. Although she did swimming and track “for fun” back in high school, she joined Michigan State’s rowing team in her undergraduate years.

“Someone came by and said ‘Join the rowing team,’ and I said, ‘I like boats.’ So I was like, sure, maybe I’ll make some friends there,” Robles shared. 

A great team environment and being a very sociable person, herself, largely contributed to her fondness for the sport.

Robles continued rowing to the point of competing in Nationals numerous times. 

While all coming from various different backgrounds in numerous sports, Coach Larson and Coach Richey, as well as Mrs. Robles, all stress the importance of a good team environment, and how that has continued to inspire them in their sports careers.