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Ria Gupta, Business Editor

Ria Gupta, also known by many as “Reza,"  is a junior at Troy High School and the Business Editor for The Chariot. During her first year with The Chariot, her favorite stories to write were “Colt Case," “No Longer ‘New’s” and “Fourth of They Lied." Gupta hopes that her second year will allow for continued opportunities to grow as a writer. Gupta enjoys tracking her personal family history through the Punjab Hills and everything to do with King Henry VIII. (Fun fact: Henry and Ria both have a shared love of strawberries and literature). As much as Ria loves learning about history, she also loves watching it being made, and strives to be able to report events in a manner where people in the future (and present) will enjoy reading her work.

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No Longer News

No Longer ‘New’s

January 14, 2022
Coach Profile

Coach Profile

December 15, 2021
Colt Case

Colt Case

October 25, 2021
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