Bye Bye Birdies

An overview of what went down at the 2022 Athens v. Troy High football game.

Gia Micene, Staff Reporter

The decades-old rivalry of the Troy High Colts and the Troy Athens Redhawks is always something many students look forward to, whether you’re a player on the field or a student on the stands. For the second year in a row, the Colts have taken home the victory. The final score was 27-6 Colts with three touchdowns scored in the first quarter. Many players contributed to this huge win on both the offensive and defensive line. Points were scored by senior Darius Whiteside ll and junior Nolan Block scoring the touchdowns, and senior Zach Penoza kicking two field goals. Block, junior Prince De’Niro and sophomore John Spreitzer all had fumble recoveries and sophomores Jaielen Peacock and Greg Tester intercepting passes. 

When asked what was going on in the game at the moment, senior Tim Weaks said, “Right now, we’re playing really good, we’re up 21-nothing in the first quarter, so that’s really good. It’s been a really good game, we’re playing really well.”

In response to what part of the game stuck out to him, head coach Chris Frasier said, “Our defense came to play, I thought they hit hard, but Darius Whiteside made some unbelievable catches when he had to.” 

Ria Gupta

But students at Troy High don’t just look forward to the game itself; many people love the hype leading up it. 

When junior Erica Didocha was asked what she thought of the school spirit, she said, “I think its great we’re very spirity, especially with all this camo, it’s very exciting.” Being in the student section with all the cheering, shouting and in camo, it’s truly an experience that isn’t found anywhere else. 

With so many different aspects to enjoy, everyone has a favorite part. Sophomore Sophie Smith said, “My favorite part of this game so far was the first touchdown.”

Didocha said her own favorite was “definitely the band performance.”

A good game and a great win against Athens always calls for celebration, and, in the wise word of Frasier, “It’s better to beat your rivals than lose to them.”