Humans of Troy High: Anurag Komaragiri

Anurag Komaragiri, a senior at Troy High School, shares his story of his blooming music career, while also giving some advice to musicians who might need inspiration.

The Chariot

Anurag Komaragiri: [00:00:06] Hello. My name is Anurag. I am a senior, and I make music. [00:00:09]

Raneen AlRammahi: [00:00:10] Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your Dreamin’ Big album? [00:00:12]

Anurag Komaragiri: [00:00:13] So Dreamin’ Big is an album of students. It’s just a showcase of what students can do in the district. Basically, how this happened was the district had asked me, “Hey, you know, we want to make an album highlighting students that want to record and have a passion for recording and making music.” And so I called in a few people that I knew, and voila, we have the album. Seven songs. [00:00:40]

Raneen AlRammahi: [00:00:40] What are some projects that you’ve done with the school? [00:00:42]

Anurag Komaragiri: [00:00:43] So things I’ve done with the school, many things like, I was in Mamma mia, I was in All Together Now, which was the concert that we did with Athens. I was in Radium Girls, which is not music, but it’s still performing. And now I’m currently playing Erin Fox in the upcoming musical Curtains. That and, of course, we have our album and everything. [00:01:13]

Raneen AlRammahi: [00:01:14] What got you into music? [00:01:15]

Anurag Komaragiri: [00:01:17] So I’ve been interested in music since I was very little, and I guess it was kind of like embedded in me to always want to create something. And so eventually, around like fifth grade, I want to say, I started experimenting on GarageBand and stuff, and you know, over the years, I started developing my skills. Then eventually, I moved on to more professional grade softwares, just seeing what I could do with those. And then I started making even more music with that. Then I eventually started songwriting and singing my own stuff. And then, you know, the rest is history. [00:01:57]

Raneen AlRammahi: [00:01:57] What do you hope to pursue in the future? [00:01:59]

Anurag Komaragiri: [00:02:00] In the future, I want to continue making music, just being involved in any music community and, you know, wherever I end up going. But most definitely, I want to do a music minor, at least. So I’ll always have that exposure. Eventually, I want to have a career in music technology, so that would be like combining my passions in computer science and my passions in music. Of course, I’ll have that side hustle of making music on the side, performing wherever I can. [00:02:35]

Raneen AlRammahi: [00:02:36] What are you most proud of? [00:02:37]

Anurag Komaragiri: [00:02:37] So, to name one or two things that I was most proud of. It would probably be joining theater. That would be one of them, for sure. I don’t think my confidence and my stage presence, and anything about me as a performer, would be what it is if it weren’t for that exposure that I got with theater and all the conditioning that I had as a performer. And having landed a lead role in my first ever show, that was just, that was just surreal for me, and that whole experience I’m very proud of, especially with everything that happened after that. And then I would also say like everything that I’ve gotten, and I’ve been able to do as AyKom and just making music with all the incredible creators that we’ve got in and around the district, and just people that I know. So, you know, I’m always proud of those things, and I never take those things for granted because I know a lot of people listen to my music, and it’s just great. [00:03:35]

Raneen AlRammahi: [00:03:36] What advice do you have for aspiring artists? [00:03:39]

Anurag Komaragiri: [00:03:40] For aspiring musical artists? I just want to say that the game that you’re playing right now may seem like it’s a lonely one, but if you put yourself out there and if you just meet more people, just get yourself involved musically in as many things as possible, you’ll realize that just meeting new people, just engaging with others is the number one asset when it comes to creating music because the level of creativity that you get and the inspiration that you get from other people is unlike anything else that you can do by yourself. So, you know *laughter*. [00:04:19]