The Chariot

Raneen AlRammahi

Raneen AlRammahi, Graphics Editor

Raneen AlRammahi, now a senior, is reaching her third and final year with The Chariot. As Graphics Editor, she hopes her graphics will help readers of The Chariot learn to understand the beauty and impact art has on our society. Raneen joined the newspaper staff in her sophomore year from a teacher's recommendation and has been hooked on the class ever since! While she is more commonly known for graphics (some being the graphics made for "Hand's off Hawaii," "Let's get Loopy," and " Fourth of They Lied" ), Raneen has also written a few articles during her time, with her favorites being "CAUTION: The Ripple Effect" and "Loving a Lie." In her free time, Raneen can most likely be seen drawing, reading, or playing her violin. She likes doing nearly anything and everything! Her hobbies range anywhere from sewing to playing video games to exploring the many wonders of the universe. However, her absolute favorite thing in the world is to be surrounded by her loved ones with a cup of jasmine tea and a warm fire.

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