Spring Cleaning to Make Your Life Gleaming

Some tips to help you with your spring cleaning.

It’s that time of year again: the weather is getting warmer, the flowers are beginning to blossom and the days are getting longer. Considering how March 20 is the first day of spring, now is the perfect time to start spring cleaning. Not only will spring cleaning physically clean up your life, it can also provide a fresh start for the new season. Here are some tips to help you get started!

  1. Good Music: To become motivated to start cleaning, turn on a playlist full of your favorite songs. I have linked a playlist with the songs that my friends have suggested for a spring cleaning day.
  2. Take a Shower: If you’re still not feeling motivated, you might want to consider taking a nice long shower. Sometimes, just taking a warm shower motivates me to get to work!
  3. Fix Yourself an Iced Drink: Before you start actually cleaning, make yourself a nice little drink. Since the weather’s warming up, I recommend a cold drink such as an iced latte or an iced Diet Coke. Even if you’re not a fan of cold drinks, fix yourself a glass of your favorite drink to sip on while you clean.
  4. Set a Deadline: Setting a deadline for when you have to be done with your cleaning can also provide a boost of motivation. For example, you could give yourself a week to complete all the tasks on your list. This can put a small amount of pressure on you and give you that push you need to complete all of your tasks. Or, if you are a procrastinator like me, or just want a more extreme method, invite people over on the day that you are supposed to be finished with your spring cleaning. This will definitely give you a reason to clean. 
  5. Make a Game Plan: Now, before you dive into spring cleaning, it is important to come up with a game plan. I would suggest starting with your easiest task and ending with your hardest task to ensure that you stay as motivated as possible, but there are many ways to go about making a cleaning plan. Some other ways include: hardest chore to easiest chore, your favorite chore to your least favorite chore, the chore that takes the shortest to the chore that takes the longest.

Lastly, here is my spring cleaning plan to help you get started!

  • Throw away any expired things (makeup, food, skincare, etc.)
  • Clean my makeup brushes
  • Dust off my ceiling fixtures
  • Organize my clothes and donate the clothes that I no longer fit or wear
  • Disinfect all my electronics
  • Organize my bathroom vanity
  • Sweep my bathroom and room floors

Now go out there and start your spring cleaning! Although cleaning can be a hard task, doing these chores can make you feel more productive and organized as you get ready for spring and what it holds for you. You can do it!