Photo Gallery: Festival of Orchestras

Photos from the Festival of Orchestras featuring the Troy High School Symphony Orchestra, Bemis and Schroeder Elementary School Fifth Grade Orchestras and Boulan Park Middle School Advanced Orchestra.

On May 1 and May 2, Troy High School hosted the festival of orchestras featuring Bemis and Schroeder Fifth Grade Orchestras, Boulan Park Middle School Advanced Orchestra and Troy High School Symphony Orchestra. 


Bemis & Schreoder Fifth Grade Orchestras

  • Can-Can Cripple         arr. Frost Traditional Bluegrass
  • Creek Ode to Joy        arr. Phillips & Dabczynski Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Jacques Offenbach     arr. Van Eizenga

Boulan Park Middle School Advanced Orchestra

  • American Hoedown               Mark Barnard 
  • The Sound of a Sound          Richard Meyer
  • Troy High School Symphony Orchestra
  • Highlights from Beauty and the Beast             Alan Menken, arr. Custer 
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End        Hans Zimmer, arr. Bulla