Snap And Rate

Anonymous student starts an Instagram account that rates lunches at Troy High School.

A new Instagram account has recently gained popularity amongst Troy High School students. This account posts Troy High School lunches along with a rating of how the food tasted. While many are still discovering this account, it is growing at a steady rate.

The account is called @rating.troylunch and has gained a follower count of 74 people since their first post on Jan 5. What makes this account special is the creator’s witty and sarcastic sense of humor,  as well as the fact that this is the first Troy High School lunch rating account. However, there are still many questions surrounding the creation of the account.

When interviewed, the creator of @rating.troylunch, who wishes to stay anonymous, answered why they created the account: “I used to eat chicken nuggets and fries at lunch every day but one day, my friend and I were in the specials line,” they explained. “It was waffles with whipped cream and strawberries and we were like, ‘Oh my god, oh fancy.’ So, we started going in the specials line every day because the chicken nuggets and fries are not that nutritious. I was like, ‘I should probably record this down somewhere,’ so I started the account.”

When they reviewed the meal, Mac n Cheese with a Spicy Chicken Patty and Beans With Cornbread, they rated it a 8/10 with the following comment, “The cornbread was moist and sweet. The Mac n Cheese was a little gritty but it was still good. The Chicken Patty was slightly dry but tasted okay with the cheese sauce. Beans were surprisingly good! Still not the most flavorful, only seasoned with salt and pepper but not bad.” 

When asked which Troy High School lunch is their favorite, the creator of the account responded, “The nachos. They are really good.” When asked which is the worst in their opinion, they replied, “The fish tacos are terrible.” 

This account offers Troy High School students a variety of choices to pick from. This is very efficient because Troy High School students do not really get told what is inside the lunches besides a couple word explanation by the lunch line which many do not read. The rating system, which is out of 10, also gets the job done very well because students are able to comprehend how good or bad the lunch is without having to try the food and run the risk of not liking it. 

With the increasing popularity surrounding this account, students are able to get meaningful insight about Troy High School’s lunches with a hint of humor along with it.