The Road Ahead

Troy High School seniors speak on their plans for after graduation.


Ria Gupta

The road ahead after graduation.

Yvona Nikitin

“I’m going to UChicago in the fall! Go maroonies! I applied to other places like George Washington University, Temple University, Bates College, and Amherst College. I’m majoring in Environmental Science because I want more people to know about just how badly the Earth is hurting right now, in ways they didn’t even know were possible, and maybe even help fix it! I chose UChicago for a lot of different reasons, the main ones being the quality of education and its proximity to my family. It was the only expensive school I got into that seemed worth the price, and I’m really comforted by the fact I have family to go to when I need help. I definitely want to try to be a part of a news reporting broadcast or paper on campus, and I think I’d like to do some community outreach as well.”

Adrian Crowell

“I am going to Oakland Community College. I chose OCC because it’s very affordable. It’s also close, so I can live at home. I am majoring in Theatre. I’ve been doing technical theatre for 2 years now and I really enjoy it. I plan to join OCC’s theatre club. After I get my Associate degree at OCC, I want to transfer to Northern Michigan University. I want to get my Bachelor degree in Technical Theatre, with a focus on Lighting and Set Design.”

Tridib Chakraborty

“I was going in for environmental science as an application, but I’m going to do bio-chem instead and I have a level degree in mathematics because I finished all of the community college requirements for math. I got into Cornell University and I got into Johns Hopkins and I got into University of Michigan. I got waitlisted at Harvard. I’m choosing Michigan out of all the three, which I know surprised a lot of people, but scholarship wise, I know financially it is such an important thing, and Cornell was almost four times the cost. Film has always been a very important part of my life, so I can do this interdisciplinary approach with film and science in Michigan, they do a lot of documentary stuff, which I think would be a great way to do research and then show off my findings, which is not available at a lot of higher Ivys which are a little bit more picky about the things you do. I recently got awarded the Corporate National Merit Scholarship. National Merit does regular scholarships, college scholarships and corporate scholarships. I got a Corporate scholarship for $2500 per year.”

Megan Moceri

“I am going to Hilbert College. I applied to many others. High Point, Loyola, Lake Superior State, Paul Smiths, Niagara, Rowan, Lawrence Tech. I chose my school because it’s class sizes allow more individualized learning and had good hockey program. I am majoring in sports management because I’ve been around sports my whole life and if I could stay around hockey that would be a dream. I also decided to continue my hockey career because obviously I love the sport, but I am looking forward to new life long friends, memories, staying involved, and keeping in shape.”

Niru Varma

“I’m going to West Virginia University. I applied to a bunch of Pennsylvania schools and Michigan schools. I chose WVU because I’ve always wanted to go to a bigger school and go out of state so it seemed like the perfect school for both of those wants. I’m majoring in Nursing because I’ve always been interested in healthcare, but I like interacting with people so I thought nursing was the best major to go into. I’ve thought about joining sports clubs next year like the swim club or the gymnastics club but I’m not totally committed to doing it yet.”

Georgia Becks

“After I graduate, I’m going to start working full time at my current job & get all the experience I need over the summer & save up! I decided college right after school wasn’t the best idea for me so instead I’ll apply to [Oakland University] to major in journalism in January, hoping to become a sports journalist.”

Aidan Lenaway

“I’m going to Eastern Michigan University to study Aviation Flight Technology, I also looked at going into Western Michigan University’s flight program as well as the flight program at Northwestern Michigan College. I chose Eastern Michigan because I wanted to stay close to home. I’m not committed to any sports at EMU but I’d love to join a club or be part of something.”

Dakota Daley

“I’m not going to college just yet, I might not even go at all. School has just never been my thing. Honestly the only reason I’m choosing to not go to college is because school is just not for me. The place that I work [Qdoba] at, I was promoted to manager so I’m gonna work a lot over the summer and try to get a decent apartment by the fall!”

Brian Park

“I am going to [Michigan State University] to pursue business and marketing because I want to eventually become a part of the US Men’s volleyball marketing team. I plan on further growing the program and to improve the grassroots programs for young boys, and also pursuing my own athletic career through their club teams.”

Athena Senteza

“I’m going to [Michigan State University] with a major in neuroscience. I got into Wayne State, MSU, University of Tennessee, University of Washington, Penn State, and Pitt. I plan on doing dance and acting in college, as well as continuing to study Japanese. I haven’t really applied for any scholarships yet so for now I just have the basic ones for applying. I plan on studying abroad at least a couple of times and maybe doing some research studies.”