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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is appealing to many young voters because of her frequent use of social media.

Social Media Makes a Mark in Recent Politics

Murryum Farooqi, Staffer February 22, 2019

Often referred to as one of the most charismatic politicians out there, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is commonly recognized today as the democratic socialist. Not too long ago, she was working as a bartender...

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Controversy Sparked Over Zara’s Modified Logo

Murryum Farooqi, Staff Writer February 18, 2019

Zara shoppers beware! The letters that make out their logo—often revered as a timeless classic— and plastered on the front of every one of the fast fashion clothing company’s stores may be on its...

VIDEO: Powerpuff Volleyball Benefits Elementary School in Flint

Silas Yang, Staff Writer February 17, 2019

As part of the annual Activist Week benefiting Flint, students participated in a powerpuff volleyball tournament. Junior and senior boys signed up to play against each other one-on-one during an after-school...

Lock-down Letdown

Murryum Farooqi, Staff Writer December 17, 2018

After decades of lockdown drills, this year, the way students will be asked to react in an intruder situation will be different. A new training program, called ALICE (an acronym for alert, lockdown, inform...

Cell Phone Stalker

Murryum Farooqi, Staff Writer December 17, 2018

The New York Times recently came out with new information showing specifically how many of the apps on a cell-phone can track you and how detailed the data is. It was reported that the majority of apps...

PODCAST: For Your Consideration Episode 2

Annie Smuts, Co-Editor-In-Chief December 17, 2018

See more coverage of the school-wide dodgeball tournament benefitting Ashley's Dream.

Winning senior dodgeball team poses for a photo after their win.

Dodging Distracted Driving

Megan Wallace, News Editor December 12, 2018

In 1998, Ashley Easterbrook was five days away from graduating from Troy High  when she and two of her friends were killed by a drunk driver. Now, students and staff are remembering Easterbrook and her...

Remembering the 41st’s Presidency

Jonah Scanlan, Staff Writer December 6, 2018

          The 41st American president George H.W. Bush passed away Friday, Nov. 30. Some of his major contributions to America include the military strike that caused Hussein to flee Kuwait and helping...

School District Shifts Safety Strategy

Leah Guindi, Staff Writer December 3, 2018

This Tuesday, students had their first look at ALICE, the new active shooter response training that the school district has put in place. During third hour, students were presented a short training video...

French Club with their table representing France and the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec.

International Fair Unites Community

Vanita Seed, Staff Writer November 19, 2018

The Troy Public Library-sponsored International Fair, which took place at the Troy Community Center, was a celebration of global cultures present within the local community. On Saturday, Nov. 17th, from...

Vote 2018: Who Should I Vote For?

Annie Smuts, Editor-In-Chief November 6, 2018

Vote 2018: What is Proposal 1 and What Do Supporters and Opponents of It Say?

Vote 2018: What is Proposal 1 and What Do Supporters and Opponents of It Say?

Annie Smuts, Editor-In-Chief November 6, 2018

What is Proposal 1? Photo courtesy of Creative Commons If passed, Proposal 1 would allow for the sale and consumption of recreational marijuana. The drug would be taxed, though, and the revenue generated...

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