Vote 2018: What is Proposal 1 and What Do Supporters and Opponents of It Say?

The legalization of marijuana is a controversial issue and students must know both sides of the issue before voting.

What is Proposal 1?

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

If passed, Proposal 1 would allow for the sale and consumption of recreational marijuana. The drug would be taxed, though, and the revenue generated from the tax would go to roads and K-12 education.

What Do Those that Support it Say?

-Some scientific studies have shown that marijuana is healthier than alcohol and takes less on a toll on the body
-Criminalization of marijuana disproportionately criminalized young people and people of color
-The legalization would create many jobs for the local economy
-No one has reportedly died of a marijuana overdose ever
-Can help alleviate medical ailments

What Do Those Against it Say?

-Has the “potential for abuse”
-It is historically viewed as a gateway drug
-There are not currently adequate measures to police the consumption of marijuana
-Its production will use a significant amount of our nation’s electricity
-Second-hand smoke can be harmful
-For many, it is morally wrong to legalize an illicit drug